Week beginning 19th February

This week I’m hoping you have some help with using verbs and adverbs!

It is:

…we were moving very fast when …

Things to consider:

  • Where were you going?
  • Does speed make a difference?
  • What would changing the speed do?

You have until the 1st March to complete this challenge – good luck!

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Week beginning 29th January

This picture really intrigued me, what do you think is going on? You can create any piece of writing based on the following picture:

Ideas to think about:

  • Is this a creature?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Why is it here?
  • You have until 8th February to complete this challenge. Good luck!
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Week beginning 15th January

The first prompt of the year links with new year thoughts but I know that many of our writers will use this for some exciting stories.  It is:

…In the beginning…

Things to consider:

  • What is the setting for this story?
  • What is beginning?
  • What tense will you use?

You have until 25th January to complete this challenge. Good luck!

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Week beginning 18th December

This week, we return to a part of a sentence. Remember it has to be part of your story with no changes.The prompt is:

…the tiger was blocking our escape…

Things to consider:

  • Where are you?
  • Who are you with?
  • Why is there a tiger?
  • Why do you need to escape?

You have until the first good news assembly of 2018 to complete this challenge. The winner will receive 50 house points. Merry Christmas and good luck!

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Week beginning 27th November

Thank you for your blog entries Y4C and well done to Kai who won himself 50 house points! There were some fantastic pieces of writing but unfortunately, lots of you forgot to include the prompt. If you are given a prompt, do not forget, you have to include this in your writing. Also, this is the 100 word challenge so your written piece must be EXACTLY 100 words long! For this next challenge I will be checking the word count, if you have not used 100 words exactly then you will not win the challenge.

This week, the prompt is a picture. Here are some things to think about:

  • Who is it?
  • What are they doing there?
  • Should you be afraid?
  • What is the climax of your story?

You have until 11th to submit your writing. Good luck!


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First 100 word challenge!

Here goes, the first 100 word challenge of this academic year! The prompt is:

…but where would we hide it all?…

Things to think about:

Was is the ‘all’ referred to?
Where is it now?
Why does it have to be moved?

Remember, your entry must be 100 words exactly. You must check your spelling and grammar before you post your response. You have until 23rd November to post your entry. The winner will be announced in the Good News assembly!

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Blog header winners!

The following children have won ten house points for designing great blog headers: Lisa O, Ese, Edwina, Olivia and Samuel A. Great work-well done!

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